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We want to ensure that an effective mechanism is in place by which we can receive feedback and suggestions in relation to the environmental and social (E&S) performance of our investments, and the conduct of our development partners and their main contractors, from anyone who wishes to do so. You are encouraged to inform us of any unethical and/or illegal practice, or any fraudulent acts or misconduct by anyone related to the projects without any fear of reprisal. You may lodge your feedback anonymously, but you are encouraged to provide your contact details which will be treated with the utmost confidence. All information disclosed to us will remain confidential and will be disclosed only to appropriate authorities as required by regulations. Depending on the nature and severity of issues raised, being able to contact you will help us in the investigation as it allows an effective resolution of any irregularities.

For project-specific feedback, we encourage you to reach out to the project’s designated officer in your locality. We treat all feedback received across different channels seriously, and we will record and investigate each feedback.


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